Business Financing

Brilliant Bridge Funding Pte Ltd


We provide a range of financing solutions for your business needs. 

Micro Term Loan

  • Up to $50k SGD
  • Tenor: 3 – 12 Months
  • Collateral Free

Invoice Financing

  • Up to 80% Invoice value
  • Tenor up to 90 Days
  • Finance only as much as you need

Purchase Order Financing

  • Up to 60% Invoice Value
  • Tenor up to 90 Days
  • Expand Inventory for Seasonal Demand


Brilliant Bridge Funding is a B2B financial services firm. We provide a range of loans for businesses based in Singapore. We ensure responsible , transparent and quick services. We uphold ourselves to high standards and believe the loan process is not just about disbursement but also about simplifying repayments.

Responsible Lender

As a responsible lender we go through every case with proper due diligence and ensure that the loan is necessary.

No Hidden Fees

We have not hidden fees. All our charges and interest rates will be made known to you upfront.

Quick Response

We ensure a quick response of informing you of the outcome within 24 hours of application.

5+ years in Business

We have been in this business for more than 5 years serving more than 15 industries.

Respect for Customers

We treat every customer with the utmost respect and place your needs as out top priority.

Data Security & Protection

We ensure proper handling of all personal data. We do not use your data beyond its intended purpose.

How it works



You send us the necessary documents as requested to process the application specific to the loan.


process & Outcome

We will process the application and do our due diligence accordingly.


Get Funds

If Loan is approved then we will arrange the loan offer, sign the loan documents and disburse the funds to you.